Who Is Finn?

Whatever doesn’t kill you…  Is gonna leave a scar.

Greetings interwebs.  You may call me Finn, simply because that’s the name I am giving you.  I am guessing you Clicked this because you’d like to know a bit more about myself.  Well there’s not much to say.  I’m 29 year old man from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  My favorite colors are red and black.  I am both a musician and an artist.  I, like most people, enjoy the company of my friends.  I am also a gamer, I couldn’t tell you how many hours I’ve logged on a single game.  My favorite musician is Marilyn Manson, because he does what he can to try to make you think.  And It seems that I have grown rather cynical as I closely approach my 30th year on this planet.  What has made me cynical you may ask?  I would have to say it’s probably the stupidity of the human population.  It seems as though my blood pressure tends to rise every day I step out of my home.  you may be saying “Finn, if the stupidity of the world pisses you off so much why don’t you do something to change it?”  To that I respond wouldn’t it be more entertaining if I just point it out and make fun of it?

So sit back, relax, and get to know the inner workings of my mind.  And make sure to strap yourself it.  It WILL be a bumpy ride!

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