About This Blog

In 1999 the movie The Boondock Saints was released.  The most resonating line in this movie, at least by my opinion, was uttered by the Monsignor who was played by William Young.  He stated “We must all fear evil men, but there is another kind of evil that we must fear most.  And that is the indifference of good men.”  This is something that struck home with me more than any other quote I have heard.  You can see this in everyday life with every walk of man.

With that said I have decided to start this blog to point out the indifference, unjust actions, and just blatant stupidity in every thing I hear, see, or witness in life.  And from time to time you may be able to find some humor in my opinions.

And remember if you want a regular dose of Finn you can also find me on Facebook and Twitter!

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  1. Love it, already. Keep on truckin!

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