Six Thousand Channels? But They Are Filled With Complete Bullshit!!!

So I often find people asking me if I have seen this show or that show, and I more times than not have found myself answering the same way.  It’s usually “No.”  Then that is usually followed up with the question “Why not?”, and the response is “Dude, I don’t have cable…  I don’t even own a television”  Then that is usually followed by a confused look.  I’m not sure why people are shocked by this, and I am especially puzzled by the fact that sometimes people will start talking about shows to me like it’s mandatory to have seen it.  In the past ten years I have actually have had cable maybe a combined total of two years.  There are a few reasons for this such as if I truly want to see something I’ll just watch it on the internet (I always make sure to have internet in the places I live).  But I mostly have gone without cable for one major reason.  There is never anything on of interest.  It seems that any time I happen to be around a TV there is either a infomercial, a re-run of a show everyone has seen for the hundredth time, or a reality show, which brings me to the point of this blog.  What the hell is with reality TV.  Are people truly entertained by the moronic lives of an idiot.  First you had the The Real World craze , which is what I blame the rise of all this ridiculousness on.  Yeah lets put seven idiots in a house and see what happens.   Then you have big brother.  Again its a bunch of morons in a house, but this time lets not let them leave and make them do stupid challenges.  At least with The Real World, at the very least, you could see interactions with the actual world.  Then you got Survivor.  Who in their right mind would want to be “stranded” on a desert island just to see who “survives” the next 39 days.  Not to mention shows like Toddlers and Tiaras.  No, I do NOT want to see the lunacy that parents will put their children threw to have bragging rights that their child is “beautiful”, first of all that show is completely nauseating and I’m not sure why C.Y.S. has yet to get involved.  What an adult does to their bodies should not be done to a child’s since they are still in their developmental stages.  And is it just me or do all the families seem to be rednecks?  But the one that truely boggles my mind is The Jersey Shore.  First off what the hell is a “Snooki”, and why the hell would you want anyone to call you “The Situation”.  I bet you got a situation going on, and I’m not sure if a cream could help you out there.  Another thing, among many, that I don’t understand with this carnival sideshow is why the hell would you want to be refereed to as a racial slur.  Did we forget the origin of the word Guido?  What would make the TV “gods” think I want to watch a bunch of brain dead idiots parade around New Jersey.  Now with all these shows I have noticed that they are in one form or another scripted.  Just pay attention to some of what’s going on in the background and you will be able to pick up on it.  Does anyone really think they aren’t scripted.  Even if shows like these weren’t scripted they wouldn’t actually be reality.  The way I look at it is if you put a camera in front of anyone’s face and say “Hey we are going to broadcast this to millions of people” would you actually act how you typically do?  A vast majority of people would not.

~ by finnobannion on September 15, 2012.

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